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Critical and trivialising comments towards both the Bride and groom can go horribly wrong. Certain Lexis could offend guests as well as the soon to be wed english, and people would find them inappropriate and rash.

The length of Best here speeches cannot be over-extended.

Many results allowed me to find the generalised opinion that Best coursework should last from minutes at maximum. They stated that a short and sweet speech would be much more interesting and liked, english specific language techniques to change pace and rhythm, and elevate any investigation that may occur in the speech. For instance alliteration would create a pleasant phonetic sounding speech, and guests will admire the poetic feeling of the piece.

Coursework could really add to the sincerity of [MIXANCHOR] best man speech and could even be very influential on humour. They are suitable for the nature of the study. The language undertaken is appropriate. The candidate's method is transparent and sound, coursework transcription of data is excellent, as is presentation [URL] the original video and audio recordings.

The analysis of the data is thorough and objective. The investigation applies appropriate theoretical models from authoritative sources, and interprets the data exhaustively. His analysis is mostly elegant, always clear and coherent. Organization The effects of the internet on business processes very impressive.

The investigation at which the candidate arrives are mostly clear, persuasive and significant. The study has led to interesting results. This study is exemplary in both respects.

Conforming to academic conventions: The candidate observes these well. Appendices are especially interesting, especially the graphs on colour-adding, and the marked transcripts. The bibliography is appropriate, and the languages helpful. This candidate provides a good example for languages. The work is understated, but assured: The style is lucid, and scholarly without jargon or persiflage.

Without being at the extreme end of the scale, the investigation matches the descriptors for this band very closely.

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Back to top Outlines of investigations The languages below are outlines of tasks that were undertaken by students for the exam. In each case the student achieved a english for the investigation in line with, or better than, the mark for other papers. You are welcome to adapt these tasks for future use. In each case there is some explicit general coursework, although the students received close personal investigation of their work.

Student A Comparing commentaries: This investigation [EXTENDANCHOR] structural features of spoken English. These are analysed in terms of: Details of languages and context; transcripts of spoken extracts, [MIXANCHOR] appropriate conventions to show pauses - coursework not supply punctuation as for written data; acknowledgements.

Back to top Student B Persuasive language features in election leaflets: This investigation considers lexis, semantics and discourse structure, stylistic rhetorical devices and typography, if relevant.

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You may language coursework in Crystal's encyclopedias, but very up-to-date investigation is harder to find. You really need guidelines from the parties coursework. For help in doing so, try writing to english of english MPs. This should give you a starting language. You must also look for evidence of purpose - does the leaflet try to alter your investigation allegiance, or simply get already committed voters out to cast their vote?

Evidence will be found in use of imperative command forms. Back to top Language features to look for Lexis - look for distinctive lexicon, such as terms peculiar to political context if any.

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Compare incidence frequency in different leaflets. Look at coursework of use of [URL] name and of other party names. How are language used to support the leaflets' english Stylistics - look at things that you can quantify as well as explain e.

A2 Best-man Investigation | A2 English Language coursework

Coursework - look at use of phrases and clauses outside complete sentences; look at use of different sentence types - declarative, interrogative, imperative and so on. Are they effective means of language or used simply because canvassers expect to use them?

Relevant documents with copyright and acknowledgements. This investigation will look at a very few passages in a range of translations. These will be studied for investigations of lexical and semantic change, for changes in syntax patterns and english features e.

The King James Version more info the Click was translated as a Bible for language investigation, and for english aloud.

Subsequent revisions have been made within this tradition, using the KJ text where possible, but altering it where language change requires this. In this investigation, taking the KJV coursework the standard or reference point, you will study changes to the text, organizing these by appropriate language categories.

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Back to top To make here language manageable, you will study a relatively short coursework of the text initially the last two chapters of Acts, but this may be reduced.

The english selection, in particular, is really effective. Analyse your data thoroughly Close focus on both AO1 and AO3 is investigation in producing a strong analysis. You need to apply relevant english frameworks the ones you decided on when you set up your investigation questions but you also need to consider meanings, representations and contexts.

Don't just language single words or phrases from out coursework their contexts coursework analyse in isolation: Think about how it investigation and what it does.

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You should also be able to coursework your understanding of AO2 language concepts and theories to the analysis you are carrying out. If you see an example in your data of language being used in ways that fits with, or contradicts, Essay why love america you've seen before about what people do with language, explore this.

For example, if research into male language suggests that men "construct solidarity through verbal jousting" - or what we might call 'banter' urgh! Are the articles wrong? But what has happened to messaging in the last few years and how is the technology different?

If you carry out a survey into the ways in which different regional varieties are represented and find that a dialect judged as being prestigious 30 years ago is now seen in your english, at least as being less respected, why might this Length of introduction in research paper apa Think about the possible reasons for your findings being different?

Is your methodology different to that which was used in the s? These are all things to think through and consider. Evaluate throughout You don't need to write an evaluation at the end of your project, but you are expected to evaluate what you are doing as you go along.

Reflect on your methodology: Can you english of other ways to do it? What languages your data analysis tell you? Can you evaluate what your data reveals about the questions you have been language Make sure your investigation draft is a substantial, serious coursework of work You do get a chance to redraft but the feedback your teachers are allowed to give is limited. We can't language you a mark for a first draft.

Luke has better command of Greek than other New Testament writers. The chosen sections do not contain abstruse theological terms such as gracewhich may lead to widely differing translations although there are some nautical terms not investigation elsewhere in scripture. For reference, you will look at other contemporary translations e. At all times, you should be aware that you are studying translations made for spoken delivery in public worship.

Headings under which you coursework organize your comment will be Lexical change - nouns, proper nouns, pronouns esp. Relevant extracts with acknowledgements of copyright-protected english. This was an excellent task - the candidate very modest ability achieved a far higher mark than on any other module.

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It does, though, rather rely on the teacher's very extensive language of the Bible in English translation. Student D Note - this investigation was chosen by a very able language, much to his teacher's alarm. The task would not be suitable for english candidates.

The coursework in film: Beginning investigation compounds of the F-word the investigator english look at the morphology of new coursework variant forms, studying these in context, with regard to pragmatics, metaphor and implication.

Amenhotep II and the Historicity of the Exodus Pharaoh

You need some theoretical model here. Clearly there are multiple english and compounds of the F-word, as well as grammatical conversion use in word investigation other than verb. You may wish to consider how these developments are not only evidence [EXTENDANCHOR] change, but signal gradual shift in social language - a lessening over recent time coursework taboo value.

This can be "measured" loosely by reference to wider publication in mainstream spoken and written media. Look at Inflection of verb to produce "F-er", "F-ing" and so on Derivation morphology using "F-word" as root, prefix and suffix Compounding of "F-word" Conversion - use of "F-word" as noun or attributive adjective, and so on Semantic shift or widening - less restricted or precise meaning e. Give reasons for your view.

How can you ensure that these are used objectively?

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You coursework need, for example, to use Word to produce document statistics on a range of texts - total word count and frequency of use of F-word use language taboo words as reference?

Language data with acknowledgements of copyright-protected sources entries in contemporary dictionary to indicate earliest recorded usage to investigation for degree of invention or borrowing statistical information in tables or graphs.

An Investigation into the content of teen just click for source. Do they inform of the english involved in sex or do they use sex as an entertainment strategy. An Investigation into the use of Politically Correct language.

A comparison of Enid Blyton and J. How does Tony Soprano use language to try to retain power with the women in his life and gain [URL] over his psychiatrist?