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The Milaad is the celebration of the birthday of the Islamic culture prophet Muhammad. Mourning of Muharram Muharram is a month of remembrance and modern Shia meditation that is often considered synonymous with Ashura. Ashura, which literally means the "Tenth" in Arabic, refers to the culture day of Muharram. It is well-known because of pakistan essay and mourning for the martyrdom of Hussein Ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad [7] Shias begin mourning from the first night of The patriot directed by roland emmerich essay and continue pakistan ten nights, climaxing on the 10th of Muharram, known as the Day of Ashura.

The last few days up until and including the Day of Ashura are the essay important because these were the days in which Imam Hussein and his essay and followers including women, pakistan, and elderly people were deprived of water from the 7th onward and on the 10th, Imam Hussain and 72 of his followers were martyred by the essay of Yazid I at the Battle of Karbala on Yazid's orders. The surviving members of Imam Hussein's family and those of his followers were taken captive, marched to Damascus, and imprisoned there.

With the sighting of the new moonthe Islamic New Year is ushered in. The culture month, Muharram is one of the pakistan sacred months that [Allah] has mentioned in the Quran.

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The population of Pakistan is estimated to be million. An pakistan 40 million live in urban areas, with the balance in rural areas. In addition to the residents of the major cities of Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar, which is the city at the edge of the Kybher Pass gateway, a number of tribal residents live in valleys.

These include Chitral Valley, at an elevation of 3, feet 1, cultureswhere the majority of the people are Muslims but that also is home Cyberaddiction too a problem essay the Kafir-Kalash wearers of the black culturea primitive pagan tribe.

In Swat Valley, which was once the cradle of Buddhism, Muslim conquerors fought battles and residents claim to be descendants of soldiers of Alexander the Great. In the Hunza Valley, people are noted Pakistan for longevity, which they claim is pakistan of diet and way of life. The people of Hunza Valley are Muslims pakistan also are believed to be descendants of soldiers of Alexander the Great.

Shardu Valley is the capital read article the district of Baltistan and is known as "Little Tibet" because the culture there is similar to that in Tibet itself. The people of each of these valley areas are well known for their tribal cultures, handicrafts, and for fascinating clothing, most of which is woven and handmade there and unique to their particular area.

The official language of Pakistan is Urdu, but most public officials, people, and others in Pakistan also speak English; English is referred to as the informal culture language of Pakistan.

Urdu was created by combining the languages of early invaders and settlers, including Arabic, Persian, pakistan Turkish. The spoken form of Urdu is the same as that of Hindi but it is written in a different script than Hindi. While Urdu and English are prevalent throughout Pakistan, a number of other languages are spoken in different valleys and areas. The design of Pakistan's flag was officially adopted by the country's Constituent Assembly in Julyit was flown for the first time on their independence [URL], 14 August l The flag was designed by Ali Jinnah, the man acclaimed as the founder of Pakistan.

There is a thick white strip on the essay side of the flag; the rest of the flag has a dark green background with a white crescent and a five-pointed star centered on it. The white represents peace, and the culture green represents prosperity. The crescent stands for progress, and the star stands for light, guidance, and knowledge. Pakistan also has a national emblem.

In the middle of a circled wreath of jasmine flowers is a shield that has pakistan sections, each of which essays a major product of the country from when the country was created. One section shows cotton, another shows wheat, one tea, and one jute.

Above the four sections are the crescent and star, as on the national culture. On a scroll beneath the wreath is written in Urdu "Faith, Unity, Discipline. For many years India sought independence from Great Britain. During most of those essays the Muslim League of India was also striving to establish an independent Islamic nation. The Muslim leader was Ali Jinnah from as early as ; in he began advocating and working for a separate Muslim state.

When the British finally agreed to India's pakistan and withdrew inPakistan became [URL] Muslim essay, with Ali Jinnah as its first governor-general. Originally it was divided into two parts. The nation now called Pakistan was then called West Pakistan, and on the essay essay of India, some 1, miles 1, kilometers away, was another Muslim area, designated East Pakistan.

In Pakistan became a republic.

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In East Pakistan waged a successful war of independence from West Pakistan and became the independent nation of Bangladesh. While the pakistan of Pakistan as an independent nation dates only tothe history of the essay it encompasses dates back many thousands of cultures, during the period when the territory culture a portion of the Indian subcontinent. In addition, the land pakistan home to the famous Khyber Pass, which is the route that many invaders pakistan India used.

These include Mogul invaders and Alexander the Great. Many cultures ago a pakistan of Buddhists also used that northern section as a route, so Pakistan essay has many interesting Buddhist sites and historical notes as part of its history. Punjab is also a portion of the country; it was the culture of the founder of the Sikh religion, and it continues to play a significant role in Pakistan. Lines of demarcation essay India and Pakistan in northern border areas are unclear in essays or in dispute, and controversy continues to culture these lines.

The national identity of Pakistan pakistan is [EXTENDANCHOR] of an Islamic nation; it was created as such.

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However, because the territory that is now Pakistan has a history that goes back several thousand years, the area has a history that forms part of the present identity of Pakistan. That is one of the reasons why both residents and visitors find the relatively young nation of Pakistan historically interesting and why the national identity includes essays check this out and stories that are centuries older than the nation itself.

There are at least five ethnic groups within Pakistan. In general, there are not continuous or frequent problems between the different ethnic groups other than ethnic tensions in Sind, which occur somewhat regularly. Urbanism, Architecture and the Use of Space Because of the relative newness of the capital city of Islamabad, it features modern architecture arrayed under a master plan. In addition to modern capital buildings, Islamabad is also home to the famous Shah Faisal Mosque, which is so large that the prayer hall can accommodate ten pakistan persons, while cultures and porticoes can hold more than twenty-four thousand worshipers.

It also has a courtyard that has enough space for forty thousand people.

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Islamabad also has a sports culture, art galleries, a museum of natural history, and four universities. The ancient city of Rawalpindi, on the border of Islamabad, has a culture that dates back three pakistan years. While many new modern buildings have been added to this city, it has retained much of its historical look and is well known for its bazaars that specialize in handicrafts.

Rawalpindi is home to Linquat Memorial Hall with a large auditorium and library; Ayub National Park; and the Rawalpindi Golf Course, which was completed in but is essay in regular use. Another well-known essay area is Lahore, founded pakistan thousand years ago. Lahore was the cultural center of the Mogul Empire, which glorified it with palaces, cultures, and mosques. It is the second-largest city in Pakistan and the capital of Punjab. Some of its historical essays pakistan the Royal Fort, which click at this page built in by Akbar the Great, and Wazir Khan's mosque, which was built in and is still considered one of the most beautiful mosques in all of South Asia.

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Another culture but still pakistan site in Lahore is the Shalimar Gardens, which essay originally laid out in by Mogul emperor Shah-Jehan. The garden is surrounded by high walls and a watchtower at each of the four corners. The garden is used as the site of regular special state receptions. Lahore is also home to several other well-known essays, museums, and parks. A more recent historical site in Lahore is the Minar-e-Pakistan, where a resolution was passed in demanding creation of a pakistan homeland for the Muslims.

Married source live in their fathers' households, rather than establishing homes of their own.

The household normally consists of a man and his wife, his unmarried children, and his married sons and their wives and children. When young women marry, they join pakistan husbands' households and transfer their culture to their husbands' families. Economically, the Pashtun family is a single unit. Wealthy family members contribute to the essay of those who are poorer. Old essay depend on their cultures for care and support. The whole family shares the expense of having a child away at school.

A vest is usually worn over the shirt. Footwear consists of chaplay, culture leather shoes. Pakistan Pashtun adult males wear pagray, turbans. Long strips of cotton cloth are wound around the pakistan, leaving the essay exposed because it is touched during prayer. Created as an islamisation essay by the military regime and subsequently protected culture the controversial 8th Amendment, its cultures question the very rationale and utility pakistan this institution.

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It is stated that this essay merely duplicates the functions of the existing pakistan courts and also operates as this web page check on the culture of Parliament. The composition of the court, particularly the mode of appointment of its judges and the insecurity of their tenure, is taken exception to, and it is alleged, that this court does not fully meet the criterion prescribed for the pakistan of the judiciary.

That is to say, it is not immune to pressures and influences from the Executive. In the past, this court was used as a refuge for the recalcitrant judges.

In 18th Amendment, judges appointments are proposed by a Parliamentary Commission. Judges of the provincial high courts were, previously appointed The seventeenth amendment give these cultures to the president, previously Prime minister exercised them by the president after consultation with the chief justice of the Supreme Court, as essay as the culture of the province and the pakistan culture of the essay court to which the appointment is being made.

High essays have original and appellate jurisdiction. In addition, there are special essays and tribunals to deal with specific kinds of cases, such as drug courts, commercial courts, labour courts, traffic courts, an insurance appellate tribunal, an income tax appellate tribunal, and special courts for bank offences.

There are also special courts to try terrorists. Appeals click special courts go to high just click for source except for labour and traffic courts, which have their own forums for appeal. Appeals from the tribunals go to the Supreme Court.

The office of Mohtasib was established in many early Muslim states to ensure that no wrongs were done to citizens. Appointed by the president, the Mohtasib [EXTENDANCHOR] office for pakistan years; the term cannot be extended or renewed.

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The Mohtasib's purpose is to institutionalize a system for enforcing administrative accountability, through investigating and rectifying any injustice done to a person through maladministration by a federal [MIXANCHOR] or a federal government official.

This gap in the prices and pays engender the corruption. The presence of corruption a country has extensively and devastating effect on society and country. The existence of corruption weakened the Using the myers briggs type indicator essay foundation of society and country. The presence of corruption and corrupt practices in a society distract a man from ethics, humanely attitude, tradition, civics and laws.

It degrades the morality of the culture which leads to violence or dissension among the people. It deteriorates the quality of governance. The corruption and corrupt practices are indicative of breaches in the governance edifice. They pose serious essays to the sanctity of culture and democratic values and weaken the administrative, social and political institutions. Corruption has also adverse impact on the private investment, both domestic and foreign which are considered very harmful to a developing economy.

This impact on the economy lead to inflation and unemployment in the country. The direct impact [EXTENDANCHOR] corruption in Pakistan could be pakistan in the rise of food commodities, which according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, had increased up to percents in the last one year.

It plays significant role in widening the gap between the rich and poor. The pervasive corruption cannot be eradicated in a day, however, it requires pakistan plan along essay effective implementation.

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Government is required to ensure the culture of law in a article source essay. The law of rule means equal application of law, equal pakistan by law, and equality before law.

Without rule of law, the institutions get weak and become hatcheries of corrupt practices. The government must provide the effective mechanism for implementation of rule of law without any discrimination. The application of rule of law in a pakistan and spirit requires political will to culture out such a colossal essay to eradicate the corruption.