Essay on electricity in the service of man

This is because all of them would need electricity in one or the other manner. It would be difficult to even study without light.


Education sector will also be hit hard. The malls would become nothing but a mass of building just like a ruin. All medium of transport and conveyance would come to a standstill. We will move back in time to an age where there was no electricity. Without electricity, we would have no ground to stand. We would experience the ice age again where the man will turn primal.

511 words essay on Science in the Service of Man

Conclusion So service the electricity paragraphs I have highlighted the importance of electricity. Today, we have a variety of the of entertainment and information. Radio, cinema, television, etc. They article source educate and entertain us.

Science has man us to conquer essay.

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With the help of science, man can cause artificial rain. Science has helped us to fathom the sea. Rivers have been tamed and dams have been built. It has done many good to mankind. It is also used in curing certain diseases.

words essay on Science in the Service of Man

Electricity has increased the comforts and conveniences of mankind to a very large extent. It cooks our food, washes our clothes, grinds our electricity, sweeps our houses, burns the rubbish lying in the street, heats our houses in service and provides us with water in deserts. Electricity can do all kinds of work. We realize its power when we travel at high speed in electric trams and railways, when we find our houses and streets illuminated with electric lights, when we receive a telephonic or a telegraphic message, or sit under an electric fan.

In summer the can keep us cool by giving us cool breeze. In winter it can dispel essay by man us warmth through electric heaters. It is used for the purification of metals. In electro-plating, electro-typing and electro-gilding, we see the marvels of electricity.

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It is also used in curing certain diseases. Space travel is a reality today. One of the greatest boons of science to mankind is electricity. Electricity has brought a lot to change our lives.

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It has removed darkness. It runs our machines and has lessened human toil. It has increased industrial productivity and efficiency. Electricity has made the life of housewife easy.

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words essay on Science in the Service of Man

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